Michal NegrinMichal Negrin – upscale affordable luxury, our exquisite creations reflect a captivating and exclusive style.  Michal Negrin is a unique international brand, offering original hand-crafted jewellery, fashion and home décor. Since inception at a market stall in 1988 in Tel Aviv, the Michal Negrin Brand is famous all over the world today, and continues to expand in far corners around the globe. With a crew of over 500 employees and more than 65 international concept stores in many countries, Michal Negrin stores offer a unique experience, attracting shoppers with our exclusive fragrances, music and magical atmosphere.  Twice a year Michal Negrin offers two major, and two mini collections in four categories: Classic, Lace, Movement and Vintage. All of our collections are hand-crafted, combining Swarovski crystals and offering large scale color combinations.

Michal Negrin’s design is recognized and admired for its distinct unique signature’. Michal’s creations are timeless – and always remain fashionable. Michal Negrin offers that “something special” time and again – and we invite you to embrace our world of fantasy optimism and “happiness” creations all over the world.

Michal Negrin’s Mission
Our Mission is to inspire women on every continent and in every country on the planet. By continually creating enchanting jewellery, fashion and home décor items, hand-crafted by masters from the finest materials, we enable our customers to express their unique individuality and style.

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Newchic was established in 2014 with the simple mission to give people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. Newchic offers a wide range of products, with the most recent trends for women and men, also including bags, shoes, beauty, jewelry and accessories, etc.

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Deewatch Pure WhiteDeewatch is a Swedish Watch brand with influences from Europe’s fashion metropolis. Deewatch provides style, quality and functionality for every occasion. Deewatch sells Women’s Watches, Wristbands and Accessories. The watches combine Scandinavian quality and simplicity with an exclusive, romantic and bold design from southern Europe. The Deewatch design was born during a trip through southern Europe’s fashion metropolises. Along the way, we were inspired by the local clothing and jewelry fashion and realized that it’s warm, bold yet very stylish expressions fit perfectly together with our Deewatch quality watches. Fashion for every occasion: We wanted to create useful fashion for every occasion, that always make women look their best. Accessories: In addition, we have designed matching Deewatch bracelets for most of our watchstraps. When you combine a bracelet from Deewatch with any of our watches, you get an extra unique and elegant look.

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Deewatch Wedding Watches and Bracelets

We are proud to announce our new Product Line, Deewatch Leather Watches. The new Watches are made of genuine leather and come in six different colors.

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Deewatch Blue Leather Watch


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