AirBnb Manhattan Experiences: More Than Just a Room


They say the best way to travel is to not just stay in a city, but to experience it! AirBnb has included Experiences and Places to their already popular Home category. AirBnb wants you to “Book unique homes and experience a city like a local”. While the Places category still lacks (places), Manhattan already has six popular experiences.

Here they are in order by the most reviews:

If These Walls Could Talk

air 1
For $65 per person Walk, talk, and create with a legend of the wall 75 reviews

What we’ll do
Ever since I was a youngster, I’ve always been on the move. Nothing has changed. We’ll get lost in Harlem where I’ll give you an insider’s look into the history of graffiti art & share stories of my old crew, The Odd Partners. We’ll visit different murals & talk about how I turned my lifestyle into a profession. Lastly, I’ll teach you tagging techniques & you’ll craft your very own piece of art.

Harlem History & Beyond

For $45 per person An immersive art and cultural experience in Harlem 58 reviews

What we’ll do
We’ll meet for coffee and I’ll share perspective on Harlem’s role in African American cultural, social, and artistic influence on present day society. Then, we will walk to the Schomburg Center for a curated presentation on African-American history.

Harlem Brewing It


For $69 per person Brew a batch of beer with a master 35 reviews

What we’ll do
I’ll guide you step by step as we jump into a live Harlem home-brewing session, where you’ll help create an original small-batch beer recipe. Be the “Master of the Brewniverse” for an afternoon while you learn how to cook up grains, mix ingredients, and prepare different styles. At the end, we’ll enjoy a Harlem Brew Co. beer flight. Get ready to swing the brews, as you take time to smell the hops!

Bikes and Bites


For $79 per person Bike and snack through historic streets of Harlem 24 reviews

What we’ll do
We’ll set off by bike and wind our way through Harlem institutions that characterize the history and soul of the neighborhood. I’ve curated churches, jazz clubs, historic architecture, and eateries showcasing some of the area’s most significant icons. Along the way, you’ll feel firsthand the new Harlem Renaissance. Best of all, we’ll savor mouthwatering staples at a local favorite restaurant.

Hidden & Healthy Soul


For $69 per person Indulge in cultural classics with a healthy twist 11 reviews

What we’ll do
Harlem is famous for its soul food. Black migrants carried recipes here from the southern United States, and Caribbean immigrants later introduced their own flavors. Today, healthier versions of classic recipes continue to celebrate Harlem’s diversity while addressing its health-conscious community. We’ll visit hidden vegan neighborhood eateries and sample enough treats to fill our bellies.

Urban Grown


For $45 per person Get your hands dirty in Harlem’s urban farms 9 reviews


What we’ll do
We’ll start with coffee and snacks at Harlem Grown’s 134 Street Farm. You’ll learn our vision and the positive impact we bring to Harlem by making healthy food accessible to the community. Our experience will include a walk through Harlem’s streets and a chance to roll up your sleeves and do some urban farming. We’ll end by harvesting veggies from the garden to be used for school lunches.

All photos by: AirBnb


From what it seems, AirBnb Experiences are just getting started since their recent launch, but sounds like a great way to experience any city like a local other than traditional company tours.

What experiences do you have to offer in your city?

For more information, please visit AirBnB Experiences

Video by: AirBnb


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